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When I started working out with Steven, we sat down and discussed my goals, preferences and health status (I have high blood pressure). He immediately developed a work-out program to address each of these points and I began to see results quickly. I lost 16 pounds in my first two months of working out and more importantly, I began to feel much better in my day to day life. What I appreciate about Steven’s workout program is that I do exercises that I am comfortable with, and he lets me progress at my own pace.

He also monitors my nutrition, and creates weekly meal plans to ensure that I am holistically addressing my dietary and fitness requirements. Lastly, I have a challenging work schedule, Steven allows me to adjust my workout times within reason and is incredibly flexible.

My workouts continue to become more challenging as I progress, and I have developed a high level of trust in Steven to know that he will get me in the best shape I desire to be. Couldn’t recommend a better trainer.

-Steven M.

I’ve been working with Tanya for about a year now. She has helped me tailor my body for rock climbing. I have seen wonderful results and have surpassed my initial goals.

She’s thoughtful and fun to work with and can help you get buff. What more do you need in life?

The answer is nothing…

-Bryan M.

I worked with Tanya over several months and cannot begin to measure the impact she had on me for form, proper training, focus, and discipline! I was active before, but had slowed down after giving birth and needed a concentration and commitment partner and a renewed approach to workout, tone body and get back into muscle mode! Along came Tanya! I’m very happy I trained with her, and still apply her guidance when I’m at the gym.

I know I will not think twice to contact her for future sessions, which likely will happen again next year! I will highly recommend her for anyone who really wants to strength train, set up a goal, and achieve it! She was very coordinated, knew what she was doing and closely followed up on progress. And I was a skeptic when it came to personal trainers. Thank you, Tanya!!!!

-Tatevik T.

Steven is awesome, my girlfriend and I are both clients of his. And let’s just say that we are not the easiest of clients. I am constantly switching up our meeting times and he is constantly accommodating my request.

The workouts are amazing and tailored to me and my needs. My flexibility, my endurance and strength have all gotten extremely better in the span of 3 months and I have lost several inches off my waist. He has also gone out of the way to put together a meal plan for me and taken into account the fact that I work on site and eat lunch out.

Therefore he has gone through 6 of my favorite fast food places and picked out the items I can eat and still stay on course to continue losing weight.

On a personal level, the dude is funny, easy going and quite charming. He seems to double as a therapist for me, I tell him all my troubles and his usual response is “come on, you can do one more”. LOL, this guy is a great trainer and dare I say, great friend.

-Christopher S.

She’s a badass personal trainer. She’ll make you feel sure of yourself, and at that point, you’ll be ready to give your 100% of effort to change.

Good adviser for diets and tips for the rest of your time when you’re not working out.

-Rober B.

My husband and I have been training with Tanya for about 7 months…she is absolutely wonderful to work with. She has not only adapted my workouts to fit my arthritic knees, but she also went above the call of duty to adapt my husbands, who have Parkinson’s, workouts to not only build muscle but to help with his balance and stability.

Tanya truly has a love, not only for what she does but for her clients.

-Tina E.

I had Steven as my trainer and he was excellent! I have really enjoyed my sessions with him.

His workout plan is straightforward and easy to understand. When working with him you feel like you are learning how to exercise versus being put through a confusing circuit of nonsense exercises. He has a great attitude and is an incredibly patient teacher. I felt that he genuinely cared about my goals and pushed me hard to achieve them.

I came to him with the goal of learning how I could work out comfortably on my own, and he has equipped me with the knowledge to feel confident in the gym. He goes above and beyond during sessions, he never rushed me out or watched the clock. I can’t say enough good about him and “The Process” they are a great training team.

-Vincent P.

I’m so glad that a Yelp account exists for Tanya because I need a place to sing her praises! I’ve been training with Tanya for just over a year and I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made. I’ve tried working with trainers in the past, but it seemed as though they all had a cookie cutter plan to get me fit. In our first meeting, Tanya took the time to understand my goals, review my diet and looked at my current exercise routine. From our initial consult, she developed a customized work out plan that was in-line with my body type while being conscious of my comfort level.

That comfort level didn’t stay there long as she continued to challenge my efforts and push me to become better physically. I give Tanya my highest recommendation and look forward to building on this great process she has already established for me. If you’re looking for a caring training professional who is knowledgeable and dedicated, then Tanya is the trainer you need to work with!

-Gabriel P.

I first met Tanya at equinox when I started my journey to get in shape. I couldn’t have run into anyone else with the knowledge she has when it comes to kicking your butt and making sure you get in shape with the best results possible. She put in the same amount of effort if not more than me to make sure I meet my weekly goals. Thanks to her professional training skills and our hard work together I lost 25! 

But that was cut short due to a long time shoulder injury I was hiding ( because I didn’t want to stop training) until she caught on to it. Ha! She bugged me about going to the doctor because she knew how serious the injury was. Thanks to her. Literally! I am almost fully recovered and ready to train again. But of course this time at THE PROCESS. I go where my trainer goes!

-Art A.

Steven is the best trainer I’ve ever had. I am the type of person that hates the gym and doesn’t like physical activity much. I am not the easiest to coach through workouts but Steven has been super patient and encouraging. He has a way of pushing me forward and has even made me look forward to going to the gym.

Prior to working out with him, I had consulted a nutritionist who put together a meal plan for me meant to help me lose weight. Unfortunately, the meal plan was so strict and too much to deal with, I rarely stayed on it. I told Steven about it and he put together a meal plan that was much more helpful for me. One that I could stick with and actually improve upon.

I truly enjoy my workouts with Steven, I would highly recommend him to anyone.

-Ana M.

Tanya Iniquez is excellent. I’m 53 and a modest runner. She helped a lot with my flexibility and speed. I also have Parkinson’s. She was quite knowledgable about how to help with balance and coordination.

She’s very patient and very astute. She knows when to push you hard and she knows when to back off. 5 stars all the way. Smart lady.

-Tom E.

This review is about Tanya. I want to give a five start because she has been a very awesome trainer. She is very knowledgeable, friendly and makes your workout enjoyable with awesome results. One thing that impressed me is that she came to our home to give us tips on meal prep and portions. 

During my training, I learned about safety, proper alignment of the body, and rolling before my training. Thanks, Tania because you change my world about physical endurance and education with very pleasant and long lasting results… Gracias!!!

-Antonio M.

If you need a personal trainer, then Steven is the guy! Steven is awesome to work with. He is hilarious and makes the workout actually fun to do. He really cares about his clients and wants to see them grow and succeed. He is also very accommodating and is flexible and works with my schedule. He pushes me during the workouts where if I was by myself, I would not do. The workouts are awesome, hard, and tailored to me.

I’ve been working with Steven for about 6 months now and have loved every moment of my training with him. When I started I had a body fat percentage of 27%, I didn’t like working out and had poor eating habits. Working with Steven, I’ve learned how to count my macros, workout on my own and I’ve developed the discipline through Steven’s program to make fitness part of my daily routine. I have increased the amount of weight I can push, I’ve dropped body fat to 20% and I can see the definition in my arms now! (something I’ve never seen before :P)

Overall, I love my experience working with Steven and I couldn’t ask for a better trainer!

-Yin W.

My husband and I worked out with Tanya for over 6 months. She is fantastic! The only reason we no longer see her is that she left the gym we attend. She trained me after I had my first baby, and made me feel strong and fit again.

The nutritional coaching along with the physical workouts with her, will get your body in shape and feeling good. She’s also a wonderful person, who cares about her clients and takes her job very seriously. I can’t recommend her enough!

-Kelly D.

I worked out for over a year, three times a week, with Tanya. I stopped only because Tanya left the gym at which I am a member.

I wholeheartedly recommend her because:

1. She is extraordinarily knowledgable about all aspects of physical fitness.

2. She made me fit — and I was not!

3. She is very easy to work with.

4. She is highly responsible.

-Dennis P.

Steven provided a program that is great and effective. It works well for me. I was looking for a program that I could build into my routine to lower my body fat. I went from 230lbs to 220lbs in just one month.

I received personalized workouts and excellent guidance toward healthy foods high in protein. Looking forward to my next sessions.

-Jesse R.

I worked out with Tanya for a couple months and she has been fantastic. She helped me out in the gym and with my diet. She has a peppy fun personality that makes the workouts a blast. She keeps on pushing you forward (in a positive way) even when you are tired and just want to lay on the floor and fall asleep.

She has an amazing personality and honestly, I have the best time at the gym with her as my trainer. She is very positive and over all a fantastic trainer.

-Elizabeth B.

After I turned 40 my metabolism started to change, I started to gain weight and developed really bad knee pain so I used that as an excuse to put working out aside. I even considered surgery as a quick fix to my problem. I started to work out with Tanya, she has been amazing!

Her knowledge and dedication made an incredible change in me. Just after a few workouts, I saw an unbelievable difference in the way I was moving. And my knee pain…. vanished. I recommend her hands down!! She is awesome.

-Claudia F.